Hell is Hot: How the Squirrel Nut Zippers Accidentally Sold a Million Records: A long, deep oral history of Hot, the Squirrel Nut Zippers LP that unexpectedly launched the band to national fame. (INDY Week, August 2016)

A Forgotten Handmaid's Tale Movie Filmed in Durham Is the Missing Link Between Classic Novel and Hulu Hit: I went on an archive dive to learn about the 1990 adaptation of The Handmaid's Tale, and learned a lot about the production's sometimes scandalous stay in Durham. (INDY Week, May 2017)

Alan Lomax's Timeless American Recordings Find a New Audience: The Alan Lomax Archive has put up some of Lomax's essential work on Bandcamp. How can that move give the music a new life? (Bandcamp Daily, July 2017)

Anna & Elizabeth Put a Staggering New Spin on Old Traditions: The duo's new record, The Invisible Comes to Us, is one of this year's most exciting and inventive albums. (INDY Week, April 2018)

Armed with an Earth-Shattering Voice, Mary D. Williams Connects Spiritual Traditions with Academic Scholarship:  The vocalist spotlights the history of the Civil Rights Movement in her stunning presentations. (INDY Week, January 2018)

Batal√° Durham Can Stay Put in Central Park. Now, What to Do With the City's Noise Ordinance?: The samba-reggae community percussion ensemble gets to keep its practice space after drawn-out disagreements, but its resolution will have a much wider impact in Durham. (INDY Week, August 2017)

Fifteen Years Later, Bluegrass Is Still Reeling From O Brother, Where Art Thou?: I took a look at the enduring influence of the Coen Brothers' hit movie on the worlds of folk and bluegrass music. (INDY Week, September 2016)

Four Years After His Death, Jason Molina Lives On Through a New Book and a Revived Reunion: On Songs: Ohia/Magnolia Electric Co.'s Jason Molina, a new biography about him, and how his band mates are still figuring him out. (INDY Week, June 2017)

Moogfest and Art of Cool Tell Durham Two Different Stories About Itself: Some wrap-up coverage examining two music festivals' relationships with Durham. (INDY Week, May 2017)

Rhapsody in Blues: Jazz Phenom Gerald Clayton Celebrates One of Durham's Finest Exports: Gerald Clayton's multimedia project Piedmont Blues looks back on the music's legacy. (INDY Week, December 2016)

The Inimitable Rapport of Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings: The duo has become shorthand for a certain kind of music, but that underestimates their incredible working relationship. (INDY Week, January 2018)

Travel Restrictions Create New Headaches for Artists, U.S. Presenters, and Organizations Like Center Stage: Some follow-up reporting on Center Stage, which I wrote about in 2014, a State Department-sponsored effort to help foreign artists tour the U.S. (INDY Week, March 2017)

You Thought We Were Nasty Before? You Better Buckle Up.: A post-election essay. (INDY Week, November 2016)