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Album of the Day: Landlady's The World Is a Loud Place: Brooklyn's Landlady offers a balm for the human condition in its detailed, explosive new record. (Bandcamp, January 2017)

Album of the Day: House and Land's House and Land: For House and Land, tradition isn't so much an anchor as it is a springboard for bold new ideas. (Bandcamp, June 2017)

Ama Divers' Shadow Seeking Sun: The Durham trio uses the sounds of everyday life to build a dense, decadent getaway. (INDY Week, November 2017)

The Blue Jean Committee's Catalina Breeze: SNL alumni Fred Armisen and Bill Hader lean all the way into their '70s soft rock joke on this EP. (Pitchfork, December 2015)

The Dead Tongues' Montana: As The Dead Tongues, Ryan Gustafson crafts gorgeous folk rock songs that supersede those of his supposed peers. (INDY Week, March 2016)

Fitness Womxn's Macho City: The Carrboro trio offers a roaring catharsis on its bold debut. (INDY Week, November 2017)

Glaze of Glory: Carolina Glazed Donuts: Want the best donuts in the Triangle? Go to Carolina Glazed right now. (INDY Week, April 2016)

I Went to the State Fair and Ate Fried Jell-O So You Don't Have To: I love the North Carolina State Fair as much as I hated 2016's fried Jell-O specialty. (INDY Week, October 2016)

Krushed Out: Carrboro's Krave: I tried kava for the first time at a new bar in Carrboro. It got a little weird. (INDY Week, November 2015)

Live: Finding Myself—Or at Least My Tolerance—At My First Phish Show: I went to see Phish in an attempt to challenge my own bad habits and lived to tell the tale. (INDY Week, August 2015)

The Snails' Songs from the Shoebox: Baltimore's The Snails is a fun, summery side project of Future Island's Sam Herring and William Cashion. (Pitchfork, February 2016)